The family settles in

On behalf of the Ottawa South Committee for Refugee Sponsorship we would like to thank everyone who helped out with generous donations to support the  family in their journey to Ottawa. Jehad, Nirmeen, and the four children (Abdullah, Mohamad, Zeid and Lyana) wanted us to send you their heartfelt thanks for everything that you have done to support them.

The family of six arrived in December 22, stayed temporarily with a community member and was moved into their new home just before the New Year. They are now settled in their three bedroom apartment that was completely furnished and outfitted through donations.

We have been overwhelmed by the support that has been provided to us. We received donations of clothes, furnishings, electronics and school supplies. If we put out a call for needed items, the community responded within hours offering whatever was needed to help to make their transition easier.

The children will start school this week and the parents will start ESL classes very soon. We have health, education, social support and many other committees to support them as they adjust to their new world over the coming months. They do have a long road ahead of them, but people’s kindness has made it just a little easier for them to get a head start.

We had a small gathering with members of the committee on the weekend (see photo) and both Jehad and Nirmeen spoke (through translators) of how they had lost hope of ever finding a better world for their family and how blessed they now feel to have been given the opportunity to start again with such great support from our community.

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