Home for the holidays

The long journey to a new home is almost over for Nirmeen, Mohamad, and their children  Mohamad, Abdullah, Zeid and Lyana. We received word on Friday, December 18 that they would be arriving in Ottawa Tuesday, December 22 — that’s tomorrow as of the moment of writing this blog.

The family arrived in Toronto Monday, December 21 and were scheduled to stay there overnight before flying to Ottawa.

They’ll travel on a commercial Air Canada flight between Toronto and Ottawa and will arrive in the public arrivals lounge at 3:16 p.m. Committee chair Bob Taylor will be there along with other committee members. Bob extends an open invitation to anyone who would like to come and participate in welcoming the family to Ottawa.

Although we have no photos of the family members, we’ll keep an eye out for two parents and four young children who look travel-weary and perhaps a little bewildered. Bob will have small Canadian flags on hand for people to wave, and is hoping to have a welcome sign prepared in Arabic.

Two vans with car-seats have been arranged, and volunteers will drive Nirmeen, Mohamad and the children to their temporary accommodations on Ossington Ave. There will be a welcome meal awaiting them, and the pantry is already stocked with  food supplies for the days to come.

Today marks the winter solstice — the turning point when the days begin to get longer and the nights begin to get shorter. May this day be the beginning of a time of light after a time of darkness for our sponsored Syrian refugee family.

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